BC ends bear hunt, calls it ‘no longer acceptable’

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) — Hunting bears was prohibited in British Columbia.

The BC government says people consultations have left it crystal clear that grizzlies is no longer acceptable.

The spring hunt from the state was first scheduled to open in April, however the banning for non-resident hunters and the novice takes effect instantly.

Glad to see that the grizzly bear hunting ban put into effect instantly. It is an important step in protecting the 15,000 grizzlies in BC. #bcpolihttps://t.co/94aOHGInEi

— John Horgan (@jjhorgan) December 18, 2017

Environment Minister George Heyman says First Nations will nevertheless be permitted even for treaty rights, or to search grizzlies such as food, ceremonial or social reasons.

“British Columbians have told us in no uncertain terms quite clearly just how ardently they believe about shielding bears, and grizzly bears’ natural habitat,” he says.

Heyman adds some research imply bear sightseeing could have a more impact than searching.

BC Green Party spokesperson for the Ministry of Forests, Adam Olsen, Lands Resource Operations, says he could not be more thrilled with the conclusion.

“After years of effort on this document, my colleagues and I’m completely overjoyed this decision has been made,” he says in an announcement.

Olson adds yet that there’s still work to be performed to protect grizzlies.

“If we neglect to also consider food and habitat supply — particularly with climate change further threatening essential salmon along with huckleberry stocks — conflicts with people, roadkill rates, or poaching events, we’ll neglect to protect grizzlies at the very long term.”

The government estimates that there are approximately 15,000 grizzly bears in the state.

After making comments former Breckland councillor Charles Carter cleared

Hunting charges dropped from ex-councillor who made lewd Remarks to protester

Charles Carter, 33 Norfolk. Picture: Nigel Roddis/PA Wire

A search master and previous councillor filmed making lewd comments to a female protester was cleared of searching fees.

Charles Carter in his hunting garb. Picture: Linda HoggardCharles Carter in his searching garb. Picture: Linda Hoggard

Footage comprising former Tory Breckland councillor Charles Carter – who is Master of the Middleton Hunt – was revealed during a trial in York Magistrates’ Court Mr Carter and whipper-in of the search Colin Milburn, 59, who were both charged with searching offences relating to 2 foxes.

The two defendants walked free from court on Monday, October 9 after district judge Adrian Lower dismissed all of the charges against them after an application by his or her attorney.

Throughout the trial, Linda Hoggard, who took the footage, told a district judge how she lived about half an hour from where the Middleton Hunt had been assembly at Squirrel Hall, near Duggleby.

She stated she put off with her camera along with anti-hunt spray because she was concerned about a set of foxes she’d noticed in the area.

Mrs Hoggard described an encounter with Mr Carter, 34 and filmed the search in some woodland, she also captured on her phone.

From the footage Mr Carter is apparently filming the encounter himself on his phone and is dressed in complete red looking attire.

He also made a lewd proposal to Mrs Hoggard, which comprised asking her “Can I take you to bed, please?”

Stephen Welford, cross-examining Mrs Hoggard, protecting, asked her how much money she’d made from selling video footage on media outlets and she informed the court she’d earned nothing.

Asked why she had been in the area at the moment, Mrs Hoggard told the courtroom: “I had been hoping to save a fox’s life”.

Asked by the district judge whether she moved out that afternoon to undermine the search or to take pictures of wildlife, she explained: “A little of both.”

Opening the case for the prosecution, ” Christopher Rowe told the district judge just how Mr Carter told authorities he was speaking with Mrs Hoggard and created the remarks caught on camera “in order to make light of the scenario”.

Mr Rowe said Mr Carter told officers that a trail was laid for the hounds and he wasn’t conscious of the foxes.

After the prosecution case, Mr Welford contended there was no case to answer because the prosecution had not given evidence of intent.

Agreeing to discount the charges, ” Mr Carter forced to Mrs Hoggard was called the opinions by Mr Lower.

He explained: “They had been boorish, they were offensive, they had been distasteful. I picture they caused her level of upset. But I put all of that to one side”

A bill against Mr Carter of using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behavior to cause harassment, alarm or distress was stopped at a hearing.

Mr Carter was a councillor to get Saham Toney ward on Breckland Council at Norfolk in the time of the incident on January 23 but resigned after the footage emerged.

Mr Carter, of Mr Milburn, North Yorkshire, and also Birdsall, of West Knapton, North Yorkshire, each denied two charges for hunting a wild mammal with dogs.

Both men sat viewing event sporting suits.

They explained as they left the courtroom, they didn’t need to comment.

Boxing Day hunt banned by council land after the Certainty for fox hunting of trio

The yearly Boxing Day hunt in Bawtry was banned from council land after three of their group’s members had been convicted of illegal searching.

Bawtry Town Council voted 7 – 3 against letting the hunt to assemble in their normal meeting place of of the council’s car parks in an assembly this week.

Representatives from the Barnby Moor established Grove and Rufford Hunt, that was held in Retford, were in the meeting alongside hunt saboteurs and local inhabitants – but the meeting “did not get overly heated”.

The decision comes after three members of this hunt – Peter White Paul Larby and Jane Wright – were found guilty of illegal hunting in March after two bird watchers filmed a fox.

Heroin enthusiast leaves man, 79, for dead after barbarous alley assault – and goes on spending spree with his stolen bank card

Grove and Rufford Boxing Day Hunt fulfill in 2015

The bird-watchers told the trial which a pack of 45 hounds in view of members of their hunt chased the fox.

And the footage revealed no attempt to call off the hounds.

The trio denied fox-hunting, saying they were following an odor trail and maintained the fox was killed inadvertently.

Mayor of Bawtry, David Kirkham, said: “It is an event that has happened in Bawtry over several years and continues to be well supported.

“What has disappointed us this time is that in March, three members of this hunt were convicted of killing with hounds.

“They made their petition, we had the discussion and we mentioned the concern was that we don’t wish to be regarded as encouraging an organisation which condones this.

“We asked if people involved were members and they confirmed they are still members. These three individuals are involved on Boxing Day – had that not been the situation it could well have been a different result.

“The fact that they should tolerate these individuals isn’t acceptable to us.

Grove and Rufford Boxing Day Hunt fulfill in 2015

“it is a shame – I rather suspect that if they had responded differently to the three’s convictions it could have been a different result.

“It was said that they can nevertheless attend Bawtry – however it is impossible for them to utilize our car parks. And they said that they are likely to appeal their convictions.”

Pete Tutalo, from Retford, who is a part of the League Against Cruel Sports, said in a statement read to the meeting: “I think that this outdated barbarism has no place in modern society and definitely nothing to do with convention or we would be seeing dog and cock fighting in the square too.

“There are many alternative and much more acceptable forms of this activity such as drag hunting or searching the blank boot which don’t involve cruelty and permit the practice of both horse and hound if needed, trail hunting is routinely used as a cover for illegal hunting, with many instances of this available on several different websites and the many of these hunts involved have vowed to continue hunting illegally.”

Pete explained that if the meet does go ahead, it is highly probable hunt saboteurs are also within the afternoon although not a hunt saboteur himself.

We’ve contacted the Grove and Rufford Hunt for comment but are yet to listen.

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Utah DWR Makes Bear Permits for Black Bears

Utah BearUtah Bear

USA-(Ammoland.com)- Black bears are doing extremely well in Utah: in under 20 years, the amount of bears has nearly tripled. Because of this, biologists with the Division of Wildlife Resources want to give more hunters a opportunity to look black bears throughout the state’s 2018 season.

Black bears are doing well in Utah.

This past season, the amount of permits issued gave hunters a opportunity to shoot 758 black bears in the country. To the upcoming season, DWR biologists are advocating which 860 permits be issued to shoot black bears in Utah.

(Every hunter won’t have a bear, or so the amount of bears taken would actually be lesser than 860. Biologists say issuing 860 permits would probably result in about 400 bears being obtained. In 2017, allowing hunters to shoot 758 bears led to 365 bears being obtained.)

Learn More, Share Your Ideas

Once you’ve reviewed the thoughts, you can let your Regional Advisory Council members know your ideas by attending your forthcoming RAC assembly or by sending an email for them.

RAC chairmen will discuss the input they receive with all members of the Utah Wildlife Board. The board a board of seven citizens appointed by the Senate — will fit in Salt Lake City on Jan. 11 to approve rules for Utah’s 2018 black bear hunting season.

Dates, times and locations to the RAC meetings are as follows:

  • Dec. 5, 6:30 p.m.
  • Springville Civic Center
  • 110 S Main ST, Springville
  • Dec. 6, 6 p.m.
  • Brigham City Community Center
  • 24 N 300 West, Brigham City
  • Dec. 12, 5 p.m.
  • Notice: The meeting starts at 5 pm
  • Sevier School District Office
  • 180 E 600 North, Richfield
  • Dec. 13, 6:30 p.m.
  • John Wesley Powell Museum
  • 1765 E Main ST, Green River
  • Dec. 14, 6:30 p.m.
  • DWR Northeastern Region Office
  • 318 N Vernal Ave, Vernal

You can even offer your remarks to your RAC through email. Email addresses to your RAC associates are offered at wildlife.utah.gov/dwr/rac-members.html.

The team each RAC member represents (sportsman, non-consumptive, etc.) is recorded under each individual’s email address. You should direct your email to the people about the RAC who represent your interest.

Efforts to protect and handle black bears in Utah are working. Since the very first Utah Black Bear Management Plan was drafted in 1998, the amount of releases in Utah has risen from an estimated shortage of 1,300 adult transports in 2000 to a minimum of just under 3,500 adult bears in 2016.

The numbers given do not include cubs or bears under two years old, so Utah’s entire bear population is in fact greater.

“The state’s bear population has been rising steadily since 1998,” says Darren DeBloois, sport mammals coordinator for the DWR, “especially in the southeastern part of the state. We’d love to give additional hunters a chance to search them.”

In addition to assisting the state meet goals outlined in the Utah Black Bear Management Plan, seekers who take bears provide biologists with critical details.

After carrying a call, a hunter should bring the animal to some DWR biologist or a conservation officer. In addition to analyzing the bear’s in general state, the biologist or officer decides whether the animal is a male or a female. A tooth can also be removed and examined to ascertain the child’s age.

“Both of these simple procedures give us lots of advice regarding the way the people is performing,” DeBloois states.

Since a man bear will strain numerous females, it is important that the bear population has plenty of females. Also, because hunters normally aim older men, the amount of male bears which are five years old or older provides valuable insight to the way the people is performing.

“If the amount of older men predators take holds constant or even increases — despite older men function as component of the inhabitants predators target most — we all know the overall population is performing well,” DeBloois states.

Utah’s Black Bear Management Plan offers guidelines that help to ensure the country has a healthy and stable bear population. The plan says that statewide, more than 40 percent of those bears hunters taken over the last few years can be females. And at least 25% of the bears taken over the last few years has to be men who are five years old or older.

By 2015 to 2017, only 31 percent of those bears taken were females. And 36 percent of those men bears taken were five years old or older.

“The state’s bear population is performing really well,” DeBloois states. “We’re excited about that.”

When you have questions regarding the upcoming meetings, please call the nearest DWR office or the DWR’s Salt Lake City office at 801-538-4700.