When a few hunters chose to film their own kill of a black bear, they forgot one important step… you have to kill it first before you try to recover it. What happened can only be called a¬†painful lesson.

The video of this episode was posted on Facebook at September of 2016, and shows a man aiming his gun at a black endure high above in the trees. After a few seconds, the first shot went off.

The bear has been frightened. It attempted to escape but had been struck with a couple more shots.

The group of hunters had one man below to recover the bear after the kill. Shortly the bear fell to the ground, landing with a thud.

After it fell from the tree that man approached the bear. He was about to feel that the black bear’s wrath.

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See it all unfold beneath:

The hunter promptly drifted out after being attacked with the “not-yet-dead”endure and was left with a few painful reminders to always check first to ensure the kill has been a victory.

The hunters finally did kill the bear and then introduced with their catch… combat scars and all.

According to a number of sockets, you would like to listen to get a bear’s “death moan,” or so the previous breath your prey takes before you approach it. Because his injuries were only minor this got off lucky.

The video immediately went viral garnering 2.8 million viewpoints about Facebook and the other 25,000-plus on YouTube.

This only goes to show that a few lessons are learned the hard way.

We’re pretty sure this hunter won’t make the exact same mistake twice, and he’s two scars to remind him to ensure that before you choose to approach, your kill is dead.

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