Hook and Hunting: Bow Hunting Season

This day for bow hunters is launching. And many archers are putting in the final preps for this season. It’s important for seekers of all ages to look at their bows after the offseason before they go out. They ought to make sure wires and their strings are ready for hunting. The bows could have rotted while in storage during…

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Cheryl Raye Stout talks Bears and Cubs on Sports Feed

CHICAGO – Things are going to get real in certain ways it’ll for the Cubs – and to the Bears in just under 2 weeks.

With a month to move, the team is in a fight for the NL Central division championship which could lock them from the playoffs to your third-straight season. It has not been an easy season all around and it figures to be a fight until the end to Joe Maddon’s team.

Meanwhile the Bears are beginning a very uncertain time with a quarterback that is brand new and without their receiver Cameron Meredith, that had been missing in his left knee.

Cheryl Raye Stout of WBEZ-FM had been straight back evening to Talk about both groups with Jarrett Payton and Josh Frydman. View Cheryl’s segments in the show in the video above or below.

US soldiers train for jungle warfare

The course is part of a schedule to train soldiers for battle and exercises on terrain that looks more like nations and islands in the Pacific than arid Afghanistan and the deserts of the Middle East. Gen. Stephen Michael, deputy commander of the 25th Infantry Division, said the Army set up the faculty as its own footprint was shrinking in Iraq and Afghanistan after more than a decade of warfare in those nations. […] jungle training lost priority in the wake of the Sept. 11 attacks as the Army focused on troops to fight in Afghanistan and Iraq. […] fighting and living in tropical rain forests has caught the Army’s curiosity again. It had instructors.

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Earth Earth II: David Attenborough’s Dance Jungle Book grizzly bears delight Audiences

The Actual life Baloo?

Dancing grizzly bears on Earth Earth II send viewers into frenzy

PLANET Earth II viewers fell in love with all the dance bears on tonight’s episode.

The mountain dwellers need to shed their skin when the weather gets warmer so they have to rub their fur from trees to help stop the itching.

Doing this leads to a dance moves which are far better than the typical person’s on a night outside.

Over 9 million viewers fell in love with the behaviour.

Grizzly bears circle their favourite treesBBC

GROUP DANCE: The bears prepare to do the dancing which may scratch their own itches

A bear rubs itself against a treeBBC

HOW SATISFYING: A bear rubs itself from the shrub with amusing effects

In which Baloo the Bear does the move, the series paired the bears dance in The Jungle Book.

1 person tweeted: “And the award for its best thing to ever appear on TV, goes into…The Grizzly Bear Dance #PlanetEarth2”, while another added: “A bear scratching his back on a tree is worth a million Honey G’s.”

The bears have won themselves some celebrity fans too.

Bear rubs itself against a tree on Planet Earth IIBBC

HEART WARMING: Fans fell in love with the hysterical bears

Gary Linekar tweeted: “Shots of those dancing bears. Worth the license fee alone”, whilst presenter Rick Edwards submitted: “Can someone put these twerking conveys to audio ASAP please.”

Another favourite moment in the programme proved to be a tense scene in which baby ibex struggled across extreme cliff faces to escape red foxes.

But a second scene which got people were flamingoes after being suspended in a lake for per month performing a group breeding dancing.

Flamingoes dance across a thawed lake BBC

LOOKING FOR SOME FUN: Flamingoes play a set breeding telephone on Earth Planet II

Tennis participant Laura Robson stated: “These flamingoes are complete squad targets” whilst another viewer said: “#planetearth2 is just outstanding. Very best programme on TV bar none. Flamingoes courtship dancing was worth the license fee alone!”

Another enthusiast added: “Dancing bears strutting flamingoes and sexually energized snow leopards #planetearth2 only gets better and better. TV perfection”.