Managers play a vital role in strategy execution. If you are a manager, keep in mind that you are the owner of the strategy implementation in your respective team or department. You act as the link between organizational levels, between your direct reports and corporate level and you ideally serve as a role model.
If you overlook these roles, then your organization’s or company’s strategy will never meet the light, and your goals will take long to accomplish. So, how do you as a manager become a successful strategy execution leader or rather an ideal performance oriented manager? Instead of reinventing new strategies on the common PowerPoint slides method, learn how you can become a performance hero with these simple tips.

First, you need to understand what performance management or i-nexus strategy execution is all about. You also need to learn your vital role in the entire process.

Second, you need to learn the importance of strategy execution model and have the ambition to get it done. Of course, this calls for effort on your part.
Third, make an effort of building your strategy execution skills. Of course, this falls into the category of your leadership skills. Being a good leader or manager also means being good at executing strategy. Keep in mind that this is a learning process and your skills can be enhanced regardless of your level, be it the first time as a manager, or negotiation for the position of CEO.

Last but not least, if you’re playing a leading role in your company, ensure you create the right processes so that every manager in your organization can fulfill their role in strategy execution. Certainly, this is a challenge, but if you work hard enough to ensure everything is the right place at the beginning and that everyone is on board with what has to be done, then the rest will fall into place.